Monday, July 4, 2011

Cycle of Life

Hmm, it has been quite a while since I've last updated this blog. With that in mind, I'll put all my thoughts on growing stuff.. ARISE MY BLOG! ARISE!! ....Guess I'll have to do much more than that. :/ Okay here goes.

All of us living beings go through a cycle of events. One moment you have a patch of grass growing with the sustenance offered by the soil and the sunlight that shines over it. It might even have an odd flower or two sprouting out of it. And then said flower with the whole patch of grass and all its nearby grass uncles and aunties maybe even the far-back-in-the-family-grass2 in the vicinity got munched and chomped by a passing goat. No hard feelings really, that's how the food chain works. Plus, we humans get heavenly cheese, awesome milk and succulent meat out of the goat next; no complaints there. And when we pass on to the next world, we all go back to the soil; enriching it with nutrients for the grass' nephew; unless your remains happen to be sealed in a container and get sent off to the Sun for watever reason; Oh wait if it's any comfort for those altruistic people who cry at the prospect of not being able to turn into nutrients for the soil yet could not possibly abandon the idea of seeing the Sun as a non-living being, you get to serve as fuel for the Sun; probably for 1 out of a billion of a nanosecond.

Anyway, the point is, life rocks. In the great sense for optimists (ROCKING COOL!), in the bad sense for pessimists (I ain't getting no fish in this endlessly rocking boat argh!), in the "yeah that's that" sense for realists (A boat will's in the design). It rocks because it can seem so simple at one moment and so impossible at the next moment. More often than not, it walks a fine line between the two. Events pop up and out of your life here and there at every moment. Chew on this, what kind of glasses do you wear to view your surroundings? When life brings you down, take a breather and smell the roses. It may wither the next day, but life goes on. Be happy that the roses would have fulfilled one of its greater purposes in it's chain of life; passing its peace and tranquility into your troubled mind.

To end things off, here's a small project I worked on during my free time. Pretty cool eh? Life rocks.

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