Monday, July 4, 2011

Cycle of Life

Hmm, it has been quite a while since I've last updated this blog. With that in mind, I'll put all my thoughts on growing stuff.. ARISE MY BLOG! ARISE!! ....Guess I'll have to do much more than that. :/ Okay here goes.

All of us living beings go through a cycle of events. One moment you have a patch of grass growing with the sustenance offered by the soil and the sunlight that shines over it. It might even have an odd flower or two sprouting out of it. And then said flower with the whole patch of grass and all its nearby grass uncles and aunties maybe even the far-back-in-the-family-grass2 in the vicinity got munched and chomped by a passing goat. No hard feelings really, that's how the food chain works. Plus, we humans get heavenly cheese, awesome milk and succulent meat out of the goat next; no complaints there. And when we pass on to the next world, we all go back to the soil; enriching it with nutrients for the grass' nephew; unless your remains happen to be sealed in a container and get sent off to the Sun for watever reason; Oh wait if it's any comfort for those altruistic people who cry at the prospect of not being able to turn into nutrients for the soil yet could not possibly abandon the idea of seeing the Sun as a non-living being, you get to serve as fuel for the Sun; probably for 1 out of a billion of a nanosecond.

Anyway, the point is, life rocks. In the great sense for optimists (ROCKING COOL!), in the bad sense for pessimists (I ain't getting no fish in this endlessly rocking boat argh!), in the "yeah that's that" sense for realists (A boat will's in the design). It rocks because it can seem so simple at one moment and so impossible at the next moment. More often than not, it walks a fine line between the two. Events pop up and out of your life here and there at every moment. Chew on this, what kind of glasses do you wear to view your surroundings? When life brings you down, take a breather and smell the roses. It may wither the next day, but life goes on. Be happy that the roses would have fulfilled one of its greater purposes in it's chain of life; passing its peace and tranquility into your troubled mind.

To end things off, here's a small project I worked on during my free time. Pretty cool eh? Life rocks.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Poisoned Apples In Oblivion

Queen takes a detour to visit the Blades en route to Snow White.

Roliand's look was the bomb here.Next was his act of eating the very same apples that poisoned his fellow Blade. :D So..think before labelling Snow White as someone who's so dumb,to be fooled thrice by the must be the Queen's makeup,yes..that has to be it.

Friday, April 16, 2010

What a Bummer

Just shows it never hurts to be careful.Man..the answers I got are so..unreal.Nobody but you yourself can protect your precious computer from viruses.

Friday, April 9, 2010

There and back again.

Yep.Been there,done that,and now..I'm back.It was a long journey.Fraught with dangers too perilous which I will leave little to detail,for fear it might leave a bad ring to the ears followed by a shudder of fear too perhaps,orchestrated together with the sound of rattling teeth and some nervous twitching of the fingers.A tale of such magnanimous scale,you would do better by just trying to leap over a mountain instead.What else can I say?

Argh shucks okay I admit it I've just been sleeping more and been lazy to update my blog.And the title of the post was a hint to my was taken from Bilbo so I'm was just trying to recap his tale.So I have been honest all along,yeah?

Do give me credit though for taking the arduous task of deleting some spam(just took a minute though) I saw under my comments section.Gotta give them credit though for being persistent.

Which begs the thought..why the heck is spam called spam?

As far as I know,it's some kind of food,isn't it?

Dam I prefer this kind of spam over the other one so much more.Who doesn't like getting his/her mouth stuffed full with food?Think bout the starving children..the starving children!!


Haha okay moderation is never too much or too little to aim for.But still..shit I am hungry.

So why must they call spam spam when it could have been a much better alternative?They could give it a more elegant intonation.Spammoutte~.Or make that exotic,Spimikamenn.Or heck just make it dam annoying and just call it Telettubies.

P.S Jason has been temporarily incapacitated.Post will be re-edited soon with more information on everybody's favourite spam!


So..where was I?Sorry addled head is a side-effect of acute massive trauma.Oh yeah,why do we call the spam we get in our e-mails and so on spam?To recap,just look at the can up there.That's what spam was originally and at its finest moment---> Glorious Shoulder of Pork and Ham.

And the reason why we don't call it Tele....err I better skip that.Anyway,reason's simple.

Monty Python.

What could be cooler than that?Not even ice cold.Man..that is legend.

Watch the video.Until next time!

Monty Python-Spam Skit

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It is pretty funny how one feels when one is looking right up at a clear sky with a blank mind.Thoughts come and go,and it's never certain what it might be.It is pretty funny because any thought(especially the ones you get when you first started daydreaming),will just linger there for a while,hanging,leaving trails of breadcrumbs for you to follow,and just when you decide to tail it unconsciously,it leaves you bewildered,without a target in mind.It is as if the idea placed in your mind has been,rather conveniently if I might say so,whisked away by an unseen force,perhaps by a gentle breeze,passing wisps of clouds,or maybe it's just because you've been yanked out of your non-activity by a nicely executed wedgie courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood prankster.

Well...uhh..I'd keep the idea of clouds and breezes if I were you just for its air of serenity?,which can be kinda related and cushioned with the next few lines(I certainly do hope so :/ ).

Anyway,when one looks at the sky,it usually brings the same things to mind.You know,clouds,yeahh,peaceful,whoo!,heaven,whoaahhh..and yeah..spaceeeee..

Ahh ..Space,the final often heard said by Captain James T.Kirk of the starship Enterprise.Nicely chosen words,spot on,even more so resounding,due to its seemingly simplistic delivery,yet,you know how bold it is.

Some personal details.I live in my parents' house.It's a nice double storey semi-detached house,not too big,is enough for the needs of my family,and most importantly,it's comfortable to live in.It's about 2500 sq feet..I guess.My personal space.

I don't know about you,but in the part of the country I live in,its.....uhh..Google time.Ahh.It comprises an area of 131,587 sq km (50,806 sq mi), extending 748 km (465 mi) SSE-NNW and 322 km (200 mi) ENE-WSW.To give another figure,lets say Australia.There,it has a total area of 7,686,850 sq km (2,967,909 sq mi).Well the site says that Australia is slightly smaller than the United States.Still..the figure looks big huh?All the numbers!

Well..I guess some might be wondering why the heck am I spewing out boring numbers and all.Just trying to help you picture the whole enormity of the world we live in.

Well anyway,the equitorial diameter of the Earth (distance from one side of the Earth to the other at the equator) is about 7,926 miles.And there's more..the surface area of the Earth is about 510,000000 sq km.

Next~The minimum distance of the Sun from the Earth is apparently..
146 millions km!(91 million miles!) And that's a line!

Well I'm sure everyone has heard of how fast light can move,speed of light wheee.Light travels at a velocity of 300000km per second(about 186232 miles per second).So it takes just a freaking 8 minutes plus for light to cover that distance all the way to the sun!

Yet,our humble Earth and sun are part of the solar system,which is just another solar system found in our galaxy which the scientists call the Milky Way..I can't remember but I think I've read that when the telescope gazers look at their contraption,our galaxy looks..milky?I have no idea whether they are hungry or thirsty at that moment but well,I guess it should look like that's said that our galaxy contains at least 200 billion stars(suns)......chew up the figures.And guess what.The Milky Way Galaxy is about 150,000 light-years across.Light-years.Yes light-years you read that right.The distance light travels in a year.For 300,000km a second..that's..explosive.

There are untold amounts of galaxies,just so you know.And..the nearest one to our galaxy,Andromeda,is 2.3 million light-years away.


Anyway,which brings us back to the topic(or seemingly non-topic).It is indeed stupefyingly fascinating how in the magnificent scheme of things in which we are but a..what?Speck of dust's dust's dust's dusts' dusts's?Okay multiply that as many times you wish.Just how vast can space be?

Back to Earth(sorry stupid pun) it is indeed stupefyingly fascinating pondering upon how our lives revolve,the time,effort,blood,sweat,watever emotions,feelings.Going through all these each and every day in our lives until the day we pass on to another sense of existence(or non-existence,watever your beliefs are).I do not know about you,but for me,its good that I put a brake to things right now while writing this post.

Unbound possibilities.Well alot of people do say things like,"Aliens are out there!".UFOs E.T. and all have been ingrained in popular culture.Fascinating things,stories,theories,even those which are fabricated.Makes good reading(seriously in need of citation).Well I guess it's better compared to being so closed-up enough to think that we are the only ones around in this whole friggin super-duper-hyper gargantuan space we exist in!

So let us all become budding astronomers and expand the way we view our world.Well of course I meant it as a matter of perspective.But oh well you could try it literally.Who knows,maybe if you just look often enough,with pitch-perfect timing and bags of drugs enough to put you to sleep forever,you might justtt be able to catch that exact moment in time where the light,from God knows how far away,makes contact with your telescope lens.(We see something because light reflects from that something,go figure. :) ) There!You have your glimpse of some good old cavemen eating grub by the fire!Well,I just hope that the next moment you blink and look up at the sky,you won't be seeing a bunch of crazily-evolved beings aiming other-worldly big-fat laser guns at you from their oh-so-grand spaceships.All in a days work. ;D

P.S (Jittery exam fears have busted up Jason's brains and he certainly does cling desperately in the hopes that the last few sentences will become reality..somehow.)


Talking bout heaven~
For ordinary,ordinary people.
I can be your angel.
Suicidal,suicidal notions.
I can be your angel.

You come running,you come running,
I'm nearby.
Don't you worry I will never turn my back.
Tonight I sing my heart out.
Tonight I sing my heart..

Talking bout heaven~
For ordinary,ordinary people.
I can be your angel.

You come running,you come running,
I'm nearby.
Don't you worry I will never turn my back.
Tonight I sing my heart out.
Tonight I sing my heart..

Talking bout heaven~
For ordinary,ordinary people.
I can be your angel.
Suicidal,suicidal notions.
I can be your angel.

P.S. Talking bout heaven indeed..great song fuh. :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Of Spongebop and Balls


Of course..the scenes were taken and edited from here and there I vouch for that since I've seen some of those episodes before.Song's by ACDC by the way.And before anybody forms any funny ideas in their heads,the song is just about fancy ballroom dances for goodness sake.Seriously! :P